You are off to share your amazing with the world and we are so proud! We want to recognize this accomplishment and celebrate all of your hard work and dedication that led you to this point.


Congratulations to all graduates of Aviation, Skilled Trades and Technology, Natural Environment, Business and Culinary Programs. Please accept my best wishes on your outstanding achievement and the personal milestone you have reached.

As life-long learners your education and training will continue to be an invaluable asset. Successfully completing a post-secondary education program involves considerable dedication, commitment and perseverance.

Your achievement this year shines even brighter considering the extraordinary circumstances of the global pandemic.

All the best in your future endeavours.

David Orazietti, Dean

Wilbur Wright said “It is possible to fly without motors but not without knowledge and skill.”

We would like to congratulate our Aviation Technology – Flight program potential graduates on the successful completion of your academic classes. You have successfully completed the knowledge training in the midst of an unprecedented world wide pandemic crisis. We are committed to providing you the support and opportunity to complete your practical training, honing your skills and earning your pilot accreditations.

In the Fall of 2020 we introduced a new program, Aviation Techniques, to provide an introduction to students of the many career opportunities available in Aviation and a path into a job as a Flight Dispatcher. We are very happy to congratulate the first class of graduates of this new program.

We are doubly excited for the students that have decided to continue their pursuit of a career in aviation as commercial pilots with Sault College in the Aviation Technology – Flight program.

Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Greg Farish, Chair, Aviation

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