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You are off to share your amazing with the world and we are so proud! We want to recognize this accomplishment and celebrate all of your hard work and dedication that led you to this point.


“Like all explorers, we are drawn to discover what’s waiting out there without knowing yet if we have the courage to face it.” Pema Chodron

When you began studies at Sault College, you were explorers, who were brave enough to enter an educational program, not knowing what to expect. Some of you left home to make this journey and many of you overcame huge challenges to complete the expedition. It is my hope, we have helped you realize your strengths and capitalize on your courage to go out into the world and continue your success.

I wish you all the very best of health and happiness.

Marilyn King, Dean, Health, Community Services & Interdisciplinary Studies

Everyone should be very proud of what you have all accomplished.

Graduates have completed rigorous academic programs while managing daily challenges that students would not typically face. Although you may not fully appreciate this now, your hard work in overcoming these obstacles will serve you well in the future.

Congratulations graduates, stay safe and best of luck in all your future endeavours!

Bob Chapman, Chair, Health Programs

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